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Order Form


Order Form: DVD Montage

Email Order Form to / 3863 Quaker Circle Hermitage, Pennsylvania 16148/ 724.383.4042



Step One
Decide which product and package you want to order. When ordering a DVD Montage, determine the music you would like to include, either from our RS Digital Memories music selections, music you will provide on CD(s) or as MP3(s).

Step Two
Gather your printed photos and place a sticky on the back of each item, and number them in the order you want them to appear. If photos are digital, rename them by adding the initials of your first and last name before the number. Example Maarri McCluskey: mm001.jpeg, mm002.jpeg, mm003.jpeg, etc. Please ensure numbering is continuous. Email them to

Step Three
Place your order by filling out the order form and emailing it with your picture selection. Complete all required fields and desired options. In the form you can indicate how you will submit your material, photos, and music, to us: Upload files, Mail, or a combination of the two. You can upload up to 200 files per submission.

Step Four
complete your purchase by supplying your shipping and billing details and credit card information. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover or you may send check or money order to: 
RS Digital Memories 
3863 Quaker Circle Hermitage, Pennsylvania 16148

Returned Items (NSF)
Returned Checks: 
If a check or checks are returned unpaid for any reason (such as insufficient funds, account closed, no account found) other than the admitted error of the bank including stopping payment on a check, the customer must pay in cash, cashier’s check, money order or credit card (American Express, MasterCard, Diners Club or Discover) immediately and a $30 service fee is assessed for each returned check. A late fee may also be assessed.

Step five
if mailing items to us, properly secure and package them. We recommend you insure your package and mail through a secured carrier. Please supply the carrier's name and tracking number once the package has shipped, via email: our mailing address for your package is: 

RS Digital Memories
3863 Quaker Circle
Hermitage, Pennsylvania 16148

If you have questions either prior to or after placing your order, please contact us via telephone: (724) 383-4042 or via email: questions@ Reference your order number if available.



Submit this form along with your pictures and music. Please print clearly.

Name: _______________________________________________________________________________ Email:________________________________________________________________________________

Address___________________________________________________________ ___________________

City: __________________________________________ State: _____________________ Zip:________

Day phone:______________________________evening phone:_________________________________

Is this a surprise gift for someone who might answer the phone number above? ______Yes ______No

Event info:

Person(s) you are celebrating: ____________________________________________________________

Describe the overall purpose of the slideshow and the message & mood you hope it will convey: _____________________________________________________________________________________


Type of event: ________________________________ Date of event:____________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________

Date needed by: __________________________ Do you want us to rush your order?________________

Our standard turnaround time is 14-28 days from the date received. Rush orders please add 20% of order.

Should your finished DVD be mailed to above address? _____Yes _____ No. If not, please supply address.

Name: ____________________________________ Address:____________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________

City: __________________________________________ State: _____________________ Zip:_________

Background Music: Don’t forget to choose music to play for the following DVD screens

DVD Screen                                       

Song Title


Main Menu on DVD



Screen Selection on DVD





Songs: How much music do you need? Include 7 photos for every 1 minute of music

Time Length of Music

Number of Photos

1 minute

Per 7 pictures

3 minutes

Per 21 pictures

5 minutes

Per 35 pictures


Organization Plan:  Write your music choices here greatest to least favorite




















DVD Slide Show Package (circle one) Package Price


Creative Memories Bronze Package up to  50.. 5-7 min. 2 songs $85.00

Creative Memories Deluxe Silver Package up to 100…8-12 min. 3-4 songs $109.00

Creative Memories Executive Package up to 150… 12-18 min. 5-6 songs $139.95

Creative Memories Platinum Package up to 200… 18-23 min. 7-8 songs $169.95

Creative Memories Diamond Package up to 250 …23-28 min. 9-10 songs $199.95






Order agreement: 

Please read the following and sign below: 

I ___________________________am entering into an agreement for services rendered with RS Digital Memories to create a customized DVD Montage per my order. I understand that full payment is due before delivery of the completed DVD. RS Digital Memories does not guarantee exact placement, sequence or duration of specific photos, for example, 
that any specific photos will remain on the screen for an exact number of seconds. We cannot be held 
responsible for any damage to your materials during transportation. 
I hereby confirm that I have permission to use all photographs, video and musical works in this slideshow; and accept responsibility for copyright liability. RS Digital Memories is not responsible for verifying this information, and is hereby released of the liability. Further, I intend to use this DVD for personal use only - such as at a wedding, family event or graduation school function or sports banquet and will not be commercially distributed. I understand that copyright law prohibits unauthorized duplication and distribution of this DVD without permission. I acknowledge that I have read and agree to all of the statements in this agreement. 

Signature: _________________________________________________________ Date:____________


Mailing instructions
Send us your photos, music CD’s, and completed order form. Be sure to use adequate packing 
material and protection for your materials to avoid damage during shipping. We recommend you send your photographs in a box to prevent bending. If sending an envelope it may be helpful to line the envelope with cardboard and write “PHOTOS DO NOT BEND” on the outside of the package. We recommend you ship your package using a reliable and track able shipping service (UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.) We will do the same when sending everything back to you. Please email us or call us if you have any questions. Mail your Order Form, payment and pictures RS Digital Memories 3863 Quaker Circle Hermitage, Pennsylvania 16148

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