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RS Digital Memories DVD Montage

Transform any special event in your life into lifetime memories by selecting from one of our expertise areas.

Funeral Memorials & Special Tributes

RS Digital Memories DVD Montages can make a truly memorable montage to celebrate your loved one's life. Using photos, poetry, hymns, religious verses and music we will provide you with a respectful, honorable and creative montage that will be well suitable for showing at any service. RS Digital Memories DVD Montage understands that it can be a very difficult time for the surviving family and friends. We are very empathetic of the situation and will do everything to make it as easy as possible. We will work extensively with you to make sure the resulting montage is exactly what you want. Given the nature of memorial services, RS Digital Memories DVD Montage will expedite services.


Envision the anticipation on your wife's, husband's or parent's face when they open their anniversary present and see the customized montage made by RS Digital Memories DVD Montages. At first they may not truly know what to expect but once it begins to play you will see a huge smile on their faces, tears of joy and once they start to really sit down to watch a tribute to their journey as husband and wife you will see that spark of life and love transpire right before your eyes.


Your wedding is one of the biggest events of your life. Make it unforgettable and make it last forever with a custom DVD from RS Digital Memories. Imagine a montage of the earliest stages of the bride and groom's lives as individuals from childhood through to the engagement, and finally to the wedding and reception. We can turn photos from your separate lives into a magical love story. We'll take your professional wedding pictures, your vows, and your actual invitation, set it all too amazing music and create a DVD montage that will become an instant family heirloom. After the honeymoon, we can also add the honeymoon pictures to the DVD to make the journey complete.

New Baby

RS Digital Memories DVDs offers unique ways to keep memorable moments, journeys through time of anticipation of, and after, a new baby's arrival. From the first announcement, to the baby shower, to their first birthday...even through their journey of many firsts, we turn your cherished memories of photos, videos, invitations or written announcements into an unforgettable DVD montages with your favorite music. Share it with relatives that are far away, or bring the family together so that all can watch your journey into mother and fatherhood creating new memories on this precious day introducing your little one the people in your life that are near and dear to your hearts.


Young or old, everyone loves a party! Whether it's your child's 1st or your grandmothers 100th, RS Digital Memories makes the perfect DVD montage for your special occasions. It's guaranteed to liven up the party and make everyone smile. Take some serious, embarrassing or just plain fun photos from years past, pick out the guest of honor's favorite music and let RS Digital Memories DVD Montages work our magic. Don't miss the opportunity to have the party permanently saved for future generations. Our customized montage’s make great gifts for parents or relatives.

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